PT DAHANA held townhall meeting for 3rd Anniversary of SOEs’ AKHLAK. The President Director of DAHANA Wildan Widarman was one of the speakers. The townhall meeting event was attended by all employees in a hybrid way: through zoom meetings and offline at the Subang Campus, Monday, 31 July 2023.

DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR, Ahyanizzaman in his remarks said that the townhall meeting was in accordance with the directions of the Ministry of SOEs by virtue of Letter Number S-86/DSI.MBU/06/2023 dated 21 June 2023 on the 3rd Anniversary of AKHLAK (AKHLAK Culture Festival SOEs) in 2023.

“With this townhall meeting we hope that AKHLAK will become part of the parameters for assessing the performance of SOEs’ personnel, due to the fact that the implementation of AKHLAK’s core values will support the continuous improvement of Company’s performance. Apart from that, AKHLAK Core Values Intervention needs to be encouraged with the presence of leadership commitment,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.

PT DAHANA started implementing AKHLAK, which was the original idea of SOEs Minister Erick Thohir. introduced AKHLAK as the new core values of BUMN. AKHLAK is an acronym for Amanah, Kompeten (competent), Harmoni (harmonious), Loyal (loyal), Adaptif (adaptive) and Kolaboratif (collaborative). DAHANA has organized several AKHLAK related activities to make sure that the core values are well internalized in the Indonesian mecca of explosives company.

In the year of its birth, AKHLAK was immediately made as the theme of DAHANA’s 54th Anniversary Commemoration. AKHLAK socialization was also intensively carried out. In order to perform accountable measurements, DAHANA also participated in the Akhlak Health and Culture Index (AHCI) program, as well as holding the AKHLAK Silih Asah, Silih Asih Asih, Silih Asuh (mutual work and conduct) programs.

Mr Ahyanizzaman added that DAHANA inaugurated the AKHLAK Culture Internalization and Strengthening Team for Budget Plan on February 3, 2023, in Bandung. The AKHLAK 2023 strengthening program has been carried out by the team which included debriefing in February, production of the AKHLAK guide video by DAHANA’s best talents through AKLAK Day, and a AKHLAK Talk Series featuring the Board of Directors.

He also hoped that DAHANA’s Culture Leaders, Culture Boosters, and Culture Squad can collaborate with each other and become role models for colleagues, for the team to ensure that all DAHANA personnel can internalize AKHLAK’s core values which are not merely knowledge, but also the conduct manifested in actual speech and daily life behavior.

“I hope that all ladies and gentlemen who are involved, especially the team involved in the program of internalizing and strengthening of AKHLAK’s core values can give our best to implement AKHLAK culture, to all personnel of Company. And most importantly, when we talk about cultural transformation and MORALS, we don’t actually talk about what we know, rather about what we do,” concluded Mr Ahyanizzaman.