Al Akhdar Mosque Prosperity Council (MPC) held a Blessed Friday Blessing event aimed at delivering assistance to residents in need around Tebet Timur Market area in Jakarta, adjacent to PT DAHANA’s Jakarta Office. This event was given Friday, 28 July 2023.

Al Akhdar MPC’ treasurer, Icha Mustika said that Blessed Friday is one of the routine agendas of the mosque council during which it distributes lunch boxes to residents in need. The event was funding raised from donation of employees and donors of the Al Akhdar Mosque.

“This is a form of our concern for the less fortunate residents. It is held on Friday because Friday is the most special day of the weeks especially in term of alms giving,” said Miss Mustika.

At this event, MPC delivered 100 lunch boxes to residents in need, such as pedicab drivers, beggars, scavengers, and street children. This agenda is held every Friday with the aim of helping ease the burden of life and giving happiness to the underprivileged.

Mbak Icha, as Miss Mustika is called, hoped that the Blessed Friday program can be organized monthly. She also thanked PT Dahana employees, Al Akhdar donors, and all those who have donated to support this activity. With the Blessed Friday movement, it is hoped that it can provide benefits to local residents and become an inspiration for other social programs.

“We express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA’s employees, congregation and donors of Al Akhdar mosque who have donated for this Blessed Friday activity, as well as to DAHANA’s Jakarta office employees who have helped deliver meal boxes to the residents in need. It is our hope that all the good will get a multiplied reward from God the Almight, “said Miss Mustika.

This Blessed Friday event has been successfully completed, providing food to residents in need. Al Akhdar MPC is committed to continuing to carry out its social care programs in order to make a positive contribution to the wider community.