Runners who are members of the Dahana Running Community had their own unique way of celebrating DAHANA’s Birthday on October 22, 2020. Nine selected runners took part in DAHANA RUN # 54, running 54 km all the way from Lembang to Dahana Subang Campus.

The nine runners consisted of five relay runners and four long run runners, making it a combination of the number 54 symbol for DAHANA’s anniversary this year. The runners were dispatched by the Director of Technology & Development Wildan Widarman and Director of Operations Bambang Agung at the starting point in Lembang on 21 October 2020 at 10 pm..

“The event is the way we demonstrate our dedication to DAHANA in celebrating its 54th anniversary. It is our hope that Dahana will grow will be stronger and more prosperous,”said Teno Arief, Head of the Dahana Running Community.

The runners travelled 54 km in nine hours. The long run runners were Teno Arief P, Rafizar Syahban, Ahmad Fachruddin, Cecep Ahmad Fauzi. Meanwhile, the relay runners were Emin Abdul L, Emir Gilman Faisal, Syarif Hidayat and Faridz Miftah.

After the long run, the runners finally reached the finish line in front of the Dahana Subang Campus. They were also welcomed by the Directors and employees and received medals from the directors.

President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Budi Antono welcomed the achievement of the runners in completing the 54 km mission. He hoped that the runners’ high spirit can be an inspiration and grow enthusiasm for other employees.

“Thank you to the runners for the success. It’s a unique and inspiring gift to continue to have an unyielding spirit,” he said.

Previously, the Dahana 54th Anniversary committee in collaboration with the Dahana Running Community also held the Dahana Virtual Run 2020. There were three categories of this virtual race with a distance of 5.4 km, a distance of 54 km and a group run of 540 km. This event drew employee interest, as can be seen from the large number of participants and how it became a hot topic of conversation. (j)