The Coordinator for Subang Regency Social and Environmental Responsibility of PT DAHANA (Persero) received 3,000 pieces of masks from Pertamina to be distributed to the Subang community. The masks were received by the Dahana’s Public Relations Team on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at the Dahana Campus, Subang. On the same day the aid was immediately distributed by DAHANA millennials to Subang residents at the Subang Pujasera Market.

The selection of the Pujasera Market as the location for mask distribution is in accordance with the direction of the Ministry of SOE’s to prioritize assistance to the market and terminal area. Markets and terminals are spots where people’s mobility is high and therefore, high discipline is needed in these two locations to avoid the spread of the corona virus.

This mask distribution program is a collaborative form of SOEs and service to the nation in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 which has not yet shown a sign of decline, and in line with the mission of the national government to accelerate the end of the pandemic in Indonesia.

Carrying the poster “Together with BUMN Protecting the Country: Protect Yourself, Protect the Country”, Dahana’s millennial reminded the public to maintain discipline in terms of wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance. This is due to the fact that in recent times there has been a relaxation of public discipline which is feared to bring spread of Covid-19 in Subang to worse condition . The Covid-19 prevention campaign was also appreciated by the Subang community.

“Thank you, Dahana. I hope DAHANA’s business will run smoothly and be blessed,” said a resident who is a recipient of the mask.

DAHANA’s millennials are known as the generation who really care for the community. Since the beginning of the year they have been collecting and distributing aids to people affected by disaster; such as flood and landslides experienced by Banten residents, Jakarta floods, and repeatedly handing over aids to residents affected by Covid-19.

Up to the time this news was written, the Covid-19 Task Force reported that the number of people who tested positive for corona had reached 392,934 people, with 13,411 deaths. Working hand in hand among all stakeholders is important to accelerate the process of putting this pandemic into an end.