The Agency of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of West Java Province visited PT DAHANA (Persero) on 1st March 2018. The visitation led by the Secretary of the Agency, Suherman Argianto, was cordially accepted by DAHANA Operational Director, Bambang Agung.

Suherman clarified that the visitation to explosives manufacturing was in terms of obtaining a short-course on explosives and blasting at DAHANA Campus.

“Since we are supported by several mine inspectors and analysts, we would like to experience the process and potential of DAHANA, “said the Secretary of Energy and Mineral Resources Agency of West Java.

As a government component, Suherman undoubtedly support domestic product exploitation. “DAHANA is a State Owned Enterprise whose services and products are widely used in mining industry, for that reason I highly promote DAHANA’s products to be used in mining, ” said Suherman.

One of the mining analysts participating in the visitation claimed that it was the first time for him to be at DAHANA facility, when in fact he has been familiar with DAHANA for quite a while. “I have known DAHANA since I was at college, nevertheless it is my first time to visit the company headquarters,” stated by Hisbun, the Mining Analist of Energy and Mineral Resource of West Java.

Having given thorough information and seen DAHANA’s production facility, Hisbun was impressed with DAHANA. “I am really excited to witness a domestic enterprise that is professional in its specialty,” he said.

Meanwhile Bambang Agung asserted that Energy and Mineral Resources existence is very crucial in terms of conducting mining activities. “Almost 26.8 percent of Indonesian Proposed State Budget relies upon mining, thus the role of Energy and Mineral Resources is remarkably important, one of which is to conduct supervision, ” Bambang said.

Therefore, the mine analysts and inspectors must be well-informed about the development of explosives and its technology. It is unfortunate if they miss that point ,” Bambang noted.

As a company engaging in explosives services with 97 percent of mining market, DAHANA is fully ready to provide any information and insights towards the mine alanalysts and inspectors of Energy and Mineral Resource. “Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you require further information related to field work,” BambangAgung suggested. (SYA)