The State-owned Enterprise PT DAHANA (Persero) is no performing one of its works, namely at the gold mine in the village of Suka Menang, District of Karang Jaya, Regency of Musi Rawas Utara, South Sumatera.

The gold mine is controlled by Dwinad Nusa Sejahtera (DNS). Dahana is working in the gold mine for supply of explosives for underground mining and Down The Holes (DTH) Service at open pit.

DAHANA’s work with the DNS gold mine has been considered to be satisfactory as revealed by UG Mine Superintendent Operation DNS, Asrul Siraju, “Dahana’s performance at DNS site is good as they responded well to our need,” said Asrul during his visit at DAHANA’s campus in Subang on 13 February 2018.

Asrul further said that communicating with Dahana has been easy. “The communication runs easy and productive, which results in swifter and efficient process,” he said.

Asrul’s visited DAHANA Campus to see DAHANA’s explosive production facility in connection with the demand for DNS site. Apart from the visit at DAHANA’s plant, Asrul also had the chance to give feedback, suggestion and list of demands required by DNS.

Ryan Noverie, DTU-2 Customer Relations Manager who was also in the DNS entourage, said that it was their first visit to DAHANA. “It is our first visit,” said Ryan to Dfile.

Ryan hoped that the visit will give better and comprehensive picture of DAHANA’s capability for work performance within the underground mine. “Actually we are capable of conducting underground mining; we are now preparing the related technology,” he added. (Sya)