The pandemic Covid-19 situation left no other choice than the online learning. Unfortunately, not everybody has the necessary facilities for online learning for their children to use. PT Dahana (Persero) is there to provide solution for the local community in which they gain access of free internet connection.

The facilities were introduced to the community during the event of Appreciation of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020 on Thursday 15 October 2020 at the Taman Canda in Subang. PT Dahana (Persero)’s President Director Budi Antono, in the presence of Cibogo District chief, Cibogo Region Military Command, and Cibogo Police Department official launched the Wifi Corner at the Taman Canda.

According to Budi Antono, Taman Canda comes as Dahana’s concern to the community education in the Regency of Subang.

“I hope that this Taman Canda can help students who are now in a great need of online learning facilities. Wifi connection is available for free here. It is also possible, when we have more collaboration with schools, that Taman Canda is capable of giving optimum service with in support to the process of education,” Budi Antono explained.

Taman Canda which is located at Jl. Raya Subang – Cikamurang Km. 12 in Cibogo Subang is a designated area which integrates edutainment concepts. In Taman Canda, visitors can benefit from the reading station built in collaboration with Balai Pustaka, Museum of Explosives (IMEX), children’s Play Land and the newest one, Wifi Corner for free access of internet.

Management of Taman Canda has been a collaborative work with some parties and is intended as venue for organization of collaborative events such as student’s contests ranging from kindergarten to high schools. As for DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020, the Committee gave an event called Ceria at the Taman Canda, working in collaboration with Association of Early Age Educators and Teacher’s Work Groups the menggelar of Cibogo Subang.

“We are working in collaboration with the Association of Early Age Educators and Teacher’s Work Groups for organization of contests. We have junior religious teaching contest, singing contest, storytelling and poetry reading for individual kid. Of course we apply the protocol for prevention of Covid-19,” said Agus Setiawan, Chief of Committee of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020.

The Association of Early Age Educators is happy with the organization of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020, as quoted from Ida, the Chief of the Association of Early Age Educators as follows :

“This is the fifth collaboration between the association and Dahana. Thanks Dahana for providing complete educational facilities at the Taman Canda such as the reading station, playing ground, museum and the free Wifi connection; this has been a great help for the children in support to their learning activities particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic where learning process must be done online,” said Ida.
PT Dahana (Persero) organized various activities during the DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020 in relations to Dahana’s 54th anniversary. The activities included a week full of webinar sessions with the community with various topics; free community medical service from 13 to 14 October 2020; appreciation event of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020; Media Gathering and Ceria events for children held at the Taman Canda. All of the activities were in compliance with the protocol for prevention of Covid-19. (rmt)