PT Dahana (Persero) delivered charity in observation of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020. The charity was symbolically and directly handed by PT Dahana (Persero)’s President Director at the Taman Canda on Thursday, 15 October 2020.

The assistance in the form of Community Development Program covered biogas supply delivered Chief of Tanjung village; assistance for catfish farmers for Youth Club of Sadawarna village and assistance for Koranic teachers of Sadawarna village. Meanwhile, appreciation was also given to Dahana CSR Movers such as Cibogo Community Healthcare Centre for their support in the free medical service and Ceria Program at the Taman Canda for early age educators and teacher’s work groups in Cibogo district in Subang.

During his speech, PT Dahana (Persero)’s President Director Budi Antono conveyed that the event was a form of the Company’s concerns towards the local people and Dahana CSR movers.

“One of AKHLAK core values is collaborative work. The event well describes such values. Dahana ties collaborative work with some institutions around the Company to develop the local environment and the people in a better way,” said Budi Antono.

According to Budi, Dahana has been trusted to serve as Chief of Subang Regency CSR Forum and Coordinator of SOE’s Social and Environmental Responsibility for Defence and Manufacture Cluster. Up to October 2020, Dahana has spent a fund of Rp 1.5 billion for its various CSR activities.

“This, of course, is a trust to Dahana to take better collaboration with other companies for implementation of well-targeted CSR programs,” Budi added.

Recipients of assistance welcomed the assistance for the Community Development Program as mentioned by one recipient who manages biogas products derived from cow’s manure in Cipunagara.

“I really thank Dahana for making it possible for us to process cows manure into biogas fuel. It is our hope that all cow’s farmers especially in Subang Regency are able of processing cow’s manure into biogas fuel. The process is easy and environment friendly,” said Sakam.

PT Dahana (Persero) organized various activities during the DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020 in relations to Dahana’s 54th anniversary. The activities included a week full of webinar sessions with the community with various topics; free community medical service from 13 to 14 October 2020; appreciation event of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020; Media Gathering and Ceria events for children held at the Taman Canda. All of the activities were in compliance with the protocol for prevention of Covid-19. (rmt)