PT DAHANA (Persero) ‘s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) delivered aids to casualties of flood in Pamanukan, Subang . The assistance was channelled through Subang Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Supply was handed over by the Dahana Public Relations and Community Development Team to the Head of the Subang Regency BPBD. The supply of logistics was planned to be accommodated first at the logistics post centered at the Pamanukan District Military Office to be handed over to residents in after necessary assessment conducted by the BPBD.

CSR 26.02.20 Banjir Pamanukan DAHANA Sigap Berikan BantuanThe ten-hour high rainfall caused severe flooding not only in the national capital area, but also to the North Coast of Java, one of which was Pamanukan Subdistrict. Around 1,000 houses were inundated in a half to two meters high.

Until now, some residents remain displaced in several locations such as a sport facility owned by one of the community leaders, a place of worship, and some have to stay in makeshift tents on the road side. According to Pamanukan District Head Ela Nurlaela, there are now around 2,511 families living in shelters.

“Some of the are taking shelter in in the village office, mosques, and a sport facility owned by community leaders, also in other mosques. We are trying to make sure that they do not stay on the roadside “said Ela.

Related parties such as the Community, BPBD Subang, TAGANA, Fire Brigade and other parties including DAHANA have been working hand in hand to ease the unfavourable situation. Water was pumped out by the fire brigade cars and into the Cikalijambe river. Evacuation of casualties and valuables left at home continues.

Until now the Pamanukan Highway is still inundated but vehicles can still pass on. Hananda Wiyuga, a representative of DAHANA, hopes that the flood will recede soon and residents can resume their normal activities.

“We hope that the Pamanukan flood status stops at the alert level, and the flood recedes son,” said Hananda Yuga from Dahana’s Community Development Team.