Subang Regent H. Ruhimat appreciated the role of PT DAHANA (Persero) which is in synergy with the Subang Regency government in anti-drugs campaign. This appreciation was expressed in an meeting for commemoration of the International Anti Narcotics Day 2020, which was held by the Subang District Government on Monday, June 29, 2020 in the Offices of the Subang District.

During the occasion, H. Ruhimat was accompanied by Juli Jajuli, the Public Relations & Institutional Manager and Chair of PT DAHANA (Persero) Partnership Program Eman Suherman, and Subang Police anti-narcotics unit chief Kustiawan who gave anti-drug pins to volunteers from Granat and PANI who participated in campaign against drugs especially in the Subang Regency.

In his remarks, H. Ruhimat advised that in this new normal era, the community would be aware of their health, productive and happy without drugs. “Let’s create superior human resources for a better Indonesia without drugs,” H. Ruhimat said.

When met during the series of activities, Juli jajuli explained that PT DAHANA (Persero), in addition to synergizing, with National Narcotic Board and the Subang Regency government’s office for Nation Unity and Politics, DAHANA also conducted anti-drug campaigns using public space media such as billboards, banners and pin distribution.

“Surely there will be a further on-going program not only on international anti-narcotics commemoration, but also posting of anti-drug contents through social media with the main target of millennials,” said Juli Jajuli.

He continued, millennials are very vulnerable to exposition of drug abuse, so synergy from various elements of society is needed to continue to fight it so as to create a drug-free young generation.

“This drug is very dangerous. It requires the cooperation of all existing lines of society to eradicate it,” concluded Juli. (rmt)