SUBANG – PT DAHANA held the Peak of Appreciation for the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Week  2022. This annual event was given to commemorate DAHANA’s 56th Anniversary of at the Auditorium of DAHANA Campus, Subang, on Friday, October 21, 2022.

The Regent of Subang, Haji Ruhimat conveyed his appreciation for DAHANA’s SER performance which has been enormously supporting the Subang government through innovative programs in the fields of education, environment, and MSE development in Subang Regency. He also hoped that DAHANA’s steps can be followed by other corporate entities operating in Subang.

“On behalf of the Regental Government, I wish you a happy 56th anniversary. I wish DAHANA more success and I believe that DAHANA will continue to progress under the leadership of these directors. Hopefully this activity will become a positive development pioneer as it will support Subang’s future such as a waste management innovation competition. DAHANA through its CSR program has made MSEs more resilient and independent. I hope the DAHANA given program can be an example for other SOEs or Regional-owned enterprises to realize Subang Jawara!,” Mr Ruhimat said.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, DAHANA’s President Director, Wildan Widarman said, DAHANA’s SER Week, which was formerly known as DAHANA’s CSR Week, is a form of the company’s commitment to grow and care for the environment around the company.

“On this occasion, allow us to express our gratitude to all stakeholders who have cooperated well, especially the Regent and his staff. It is our hope that this good cooperation can come even closer for to mutual progress,” said Mr Widarman.

Mr Widarman also reported that in 2022, DAHANA SER will focus on educational and environmental activities and the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (UMK). Several activities have been successfully implemented, such as provision of educational facilities in the form of supply of desks and benches to schools in need in Subang Regency, and as various educational competitions that include early childhood children.

Within the environmental field, DAHANA SER actively participated in reforesting critical land, building clean villages, providing trees and related maintenance tools. As for SME development, DAHANA is involved in providing capital assistance, business facilities, packaging, to assistance in application of halal certification.

DAHANA is also committed to implementing CSR with the principle of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which incorporates social aspects into the company’s business through the utilization of the company’s organic waste for compost, and absorption of the products of the fostered partners for office needs as well as the company’s CSR activities.

“Up to the present time, the number of PT DAHANA’s fostered partners amounts to 349 MSMEs, with the majority are located in Subang Regency. We hope that the SER activities carried out by PT DAHANA should have an impact on the community in improving living facilities and the economy,” said Mr Widarman.

During the DAHANA SER 2022 Appreciation Week Peak event, the Committee also announced  winners and prizes for the Waste Management Innovation Competition, delivery of packaging assistance and halal certification for DAHANA’s fostered partners, and delivery of awards to DAHANA’s TJSL partners.

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