GARUT – PT DAHANA working in collaboration with National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense’s Board for Research and Technology (Balitbang) held another a static test for R-HAN 450 Rocket. This test took place at the Space and Atmospheric Technology Test & Observation Center (BUTPAAG) in Pemeungpeuk, Garut, Thursday, 20 October 2022.

DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN, said that DAHANA was given the mandate to proceed with the development of the 100km-range RHAN 450 rocket. DAHANA also cooperated with the ORPA BRIN Rocket Technology Research Center. According to Mr Yusuf, the R-HAN 450 Project carries a strategic value in that it realizes the industry’s ability to meet the needs of the national Main Weapon System (Alutsista).

“This static test activity is very important to see the consistency of the results of research and development of Defense Rockets, which is a joint commitment of PT DAHANA, Ministry of Defense’s Research and Development and BRIN,” Mr Yusuf explained.

Mr Yusuf added that the static test can also serve as a forum for the formation of the quality and quantity of personnel for the sake increasing the capabilities of rocket technology, materials, and other resources. Apart from that, this static test will provide performance data and characteristics of the RHAN 450 which will be used as a basis for development to the next stage.

Data from the current static test process showed an increase in performance and characteristics compared to the previous year’s static test result. Mr Yusuf hoped that Indonesia can immediately realize the national need for the RHAN 450 rocket, for the realization of the independence of the National Alutsista.

“From the result point of view, thank God, the test is in line with expectations. The current static test demonstrated significant developments and improvements compared to last year. The results are satisfactory and very good. Hopefully we can realize our common desire to have a ground-to-ground rocket of at least 100 km with good results,” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf also expressed the hope of the parties involved in this project that the government would provide further budget commitments for rocket R&D.

“Of course, we hope that there will be a government budget commitment so that RHAN 450 R&D can be continued up to the dynamic test stage,” said Mr Yusuf.

The RHAN 450 static test was also directly witnessed directly by the Head of Research and Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Julexi Tambayong, Deputy for Development Policy at BRIN Mego Pinandito, Head of Aviation and Space Research Organization Robertus Heru Triharjanto, Echelon III officials of Ministry of Defense’s Research and Technology, and attendees from Pussenarmed (Centre for Field Artillery Weaponry), Puspalad (Centre for Army Equipment), Institut Technology Sepuluh November, Universitas Indonesia and Defense University.

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