Subang Regency Police Chief, Yudi Sulistiono Wahid, along with Security Unit Chief Asep Rahman and Cibogo District Police Chief Undang SW, paid a visit to PT DAHANA (Persero).

The visit on  to the explosive producer Monday, 22 August 2016 was intended to ensure better communication between the police and the company on account of watch and security measures for vital objects.

Yudi Sulistiono has been chief of Subang Regency Police for a month and he said he was just aware of presence of DAHANA when he was cycling past the plant on the way to the Cibogo Police District.

“I was cycling when I passed there. I had not known there was a national vital object around; the Cibogo District Police Chief told me about it,” said Yudi. 

During his visit to DAHANA, the former Chief of Majalengka Regency Police was welcome by Dahana’s Director of Finance and HRD Susilo Hertanto and Corporate Secretary Mamat Ruhimat.

Both parties were talking about intensified communications for easier future watch, security, and related reports.

“I want intensified communication; do not hesitate to involve the police for security measures. Whether we are asked or not, it is our obligation to make sure that this vital object remains secured,” Yudi pointed out. 

Mamat Ruhimat said that Dahana’s the police had been involved in security supervision of Dahana. “Each time we conduct a watch, we involve the District Police,” said Mamat Ruhimat. (SAA)