Binungan is one of Dahana’s site, which is located at the PKP2B of PT Berau Coal. This coal mining is situated in the district of Sambaliung, Regencu of Berau, Province of East Kalimantan. The Binungan Site is PT Berau Coal’s biggest mining with two mining locations, namely Binungan 1 and Binungan 2. Binungan Site is expected to be a pathway to the other sites at PT Berau Coal, namelu Lati Site and Sambarata site. 

From the city of Tanjung Redeb, the capial of Berau Regency, it takes 45 minutes to reach Binungan Site. DAHANA’s office is located at Pegat Bukur village, one of villages in the mining vicinity, not very far from the mining area. It takes about 20 minutes to travel along the river from DAHANA’s office to the mining location on boat.

PT DAHANA (Persero)’s presence in Binungan Site is in support to mining operation run by PT Ricobana Abadi (RBA) for blasting services of OB/IN of PT Berau Coal Mining in Binungan Site. Operation Supervisor, Sonny Marindo said that DAHANA’s operation is Binungan Site just started in early June 2016.

“We started operating in Biningan in January 2016 under contacr with PT MTL, which is a subsidiary of PT Berau Coal. However, as PT MTL discontinued its operation in 2016, we started to be under PT RBA for blasting services,” explained Sonny Marindo.

For blasting in Binungan Site, DAHANA uses Anfo explosives and Dayaprime Booster as primary. Despite use of only Anfo explosives, Sonny said, DAHANA’s blasting performance has proven to be satisfactory. 

 “For better blasting performance, emulsion explosives should be good. However, as we are newcomer for this blasting job, then only the use of Anfo is allowed. In the future, we will use DABEX for blasting jobs here,” said Sonny. 

Sonny said that in spite of the use of Anfo, DAHANA’s team has done the jobs to the fullest care. Blasting in Binungan Site objects to tight safety regulations in which some necessary requirements should be satisfactorily met. This is also serves as pre-requisite for acquisition of future blasting service projects. 

“Here in Binungan, safety is top priority; ranging from permit to blasting execution; side effects should be carefully calculated. We fully meet the customer’s requirement,” said Sonny.  

At the Binungan Site, Dahana performs blasting almost every day in 70 to 120 holes in an area of I hectare using Anfo explosives. For the best blasting performance, tight controls are applied, ranging from explosive charging to time delay and series of blasts. 

“To reach prime blasting performance, we always seeks to perform necessary controls in accordance to both customer’s and DAHANA’s targets for the sake of mutual benefits,” said Sonny. 

For blasting services in Binungan, DAHANA is equipped with a personnel consisting of 16 members, namely one general administrator, one explosives store administrator, five helpers, three operators, two blasters, one safety officer, 2 operation supervisors and one site coordinator. Despite the pact that the personnel are new to the Binungan Site, they actually consist of experienced people in blasting. “We are trying to give prime service for better performance. It is a fact that we are in the process of market penetration here, but we will make sure that we do blasting service to compete with some competitors who are also operating in Binungan under other contractors,” said Sonny. 

Historical data indicate that from DAHANA was doing blasting services in PT Berau Coal from 1999 – 2007.  DAHANA’s work in Binungan that started in early 2016 is a comeback to Binungan. Owing to past experiences and knowledge, DAHANA is committed to providing the best service for the customers. (SYA)