Commander of Subang District Military Command 0605, Lieutenant Colonel (Infant) Bambang Raditya with Battalion 312 Commander Kala Hitam, Major of (Infant) Dede Hermawan and Zipur 3/YW Commander, Major Ryan Yustian visited DAHANA’s Central Management Office. The District Military Command delegate was welcomed by the Director of Technology and Development of DAHANA, Suhendra Yusuf RPN, and Corporate Secretary, Bayu Anggoro, Vice President of EMC, Benny Gunawan, Senior Manager of Research, Technology & Information, Erwin Cipta, and Senior Manager of Legal & Corporate Communications, Juli Jajuli, on Thursday, July 20, 2022, in Subang, West Java

The visit of the District Military Command was a follow-up to the meeting of the Commander of Provincial Military Command III/Siliwangi, Major General Kunto Arif Wibowo with the President Director of DAHANA, Wildan Widarman on 12 July. Maj. Gen. Kunto earlier had given directions for cooperation between Subang District Military Command and PT DAHANA as a National Vital Object, and explosives manufacturers.

Mr Yusuf expressed his gratitude and respect to the District Military Command for the visit of the entourage to the Center for High Energy Materials. According to Mr Yusuf, him, DAHANA’s relationship with the TNI is very close, both as a National Vital Object and producer of military explosives.

“DAHANA is a company that is part of the SOEs Defense Industry holding, DEFEND ID, with dual use technology products, namely commercial and military explosives. In response to the needs of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, DAHANA has succeeded in producing Bomb P-Series, various kinds of defense rockets, and to the latest, successfully conducting test of Counter-Tank Weapons (SLT),” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf added that DAHANA is very open to all stakeholders for cooperation in order to strengthen national defense and security, especially with the Subang District Military Command 0605 which is a DAHANA’s stakeholder in Subang Regency.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. (Inf) Bambang Raditya explained that the visit with his entourage was a directive from the Commander of Provincial Military Command III/Siliwangi, and he hoped that the meeting with DAHANA could see more significant forms of collaboration, especially in terms of information exchange, technology and knowledge, and furthermore, the two parties can start cooperative work in disaster management simulations at DAHANA.

“This simulation will not be just a joint exercise, the output of such simulation will produce a product, namely a new SOP or update of an existing SOP. We have a Nubika unit and an explosives disposal unit that can later be involved in handling disasters,” said  Commander of Subang District Military Command.