SUBANG – As a state-owned enterprise, PT DAHANA is committed to supporting the decarbonization program in order to realize a clean Indonesia and preserve the environment to make sure the nation’s future generations can enjoy it. According to PT DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN, DAHANA has undertaken various things to support Clean Indonesia.

“It starts from the construction of the Central Management Office that makes use of the Green Building concept, environmentally friendly products, tree planting, to the use of waste oil as a substitute for diesel in the related activities,” explained Mr Yusuf at the Dahana Subang Campus (18/07).

Green Building Concept at DAHANA CAMPUS

After moving to Subang, DAHANA started to build office areas with a green building concept which refers to the Green Building Assessment Tool Technical Guide or called Greenship issued by the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). This building has also received various awards from inside and outside the country, such as the best SOE building award from the Ministry of SOEs to the 2013 ASEAN Energy Award in the Energy Efficient Building category.

“Apart from that, this building was also rewarded with a platinum level green building certificate (the highest level), which has met the Green Concept standards including earthquake-resistant building standards, building fire safety and accessibility for people with disabilities,” said Mr Yusuf.

Some of the green building concepts applied to the DAHANA Campus include very low energy consumption, independently treated water resource  from rainwater and AC condensation, minimum use of lights, use of dual flushes benefitting recycled water, use of automatic shut pressurized water faucets, plant watering with recycled water, shaded pedestrian facilities with vines up to the main road, zero run off by draining rainwater to the fish pond, and landscape using cultivated plants around the project, 60% green area including green roofs, to earthquake-resistant buildings, strict fire management systems, and access facilities for people with disabilities.

Environmentally Friendly Explosives

Environmentally friendly explosives have become the vision of this national explosives mecca company. DAHANA even received an award as a Company with the Best Innovation for Environmentally Friendly Products at the 2013 SOEs Innovation Awards.

In its application, DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) engineers continue to create various explosive products at competitive prices with measurable and varied explosive power and utilization of used materials for making explosives, so as to minimize the impact on the environment.

“One of them is the use of waste oil for the production of DANFO to reduce the use of diesel fuel for explosive products at the site,” said Mr Yusuf.

CSR and Environmental Program

DAHANA through its Social and Environmental Responsibility unit (TJSL) also continues to carry out reforestation at various points, especially in Subang Regency where DAHANA is domiciled. In the past year alone, DAHANA was at the forefront of planting mangroves on the north coast of Subang and built cooperation with other members of the SOE holding company DEFEND ID to plant trees in Subang Regency.

“Even for the tree planting, DAHANA is very selective in choosing trees; DAHANA used productive trees to make sure that in addition to providing reforestation benefits, it can also provide more income for the people of Subang. After supplying the trees, DAHANA also equipped the Subang Regency Environmental Service with environmental maintenance equipment, such as lawn mowers,” concluded Mr Yusuf.