Centre for Defense Functional Technical Workshop and Traning, of Ministry of Defense Traning Centre (Tekfunghan) visited DAHANA which is a member of State-owned Enterprises belonging to the Cluster National Defence & Hitech Industry (NDHI) cluster in Subang, West Java.

The visit, with 25 participants, was made on Thursday, November 1, 2018 . They were public servants and army members who were in the middle of their 2-month training session at the Ministry of Defense’ Training Centre on Jalan Salemba, Jakarta.

“Those visiting DAHANA today are participants of functional training on State Deefense Analyst,” said Bennyta Suryo Septanto, head of the Tekfunghan training centre.

Bennyta explained the State Defense Analyst Functional Training was intended to improve the participants’ knowledge and skill in preparing related data and reference, conducting analysis and formulating policies in state defense issues. In addition, the participants were also expected to have professional competence adjusted to their duty as Functional State Defense Analyst within the Ministry of Defense and the Army.

With regards to their visit to DAHANA, Bennyta said that it was the first Tekfunghan’s visit.

“We are familiar with DAHANA as one player in defense industry and therefore it is necessary for our analysts to directly get in touch with DAHANA. Some of the participants have been here before,” he said.