Students who are petty officers in training of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) 2024 conducted a comparative study on explosives at PT DAHANA. The students and their companions were welcomed by SM Legal and Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, West Java, Monday, May 6, 2024.

In his speech, Mr Jajuli described DAHANA’s historical journey starting from the initiation of by the Indonesian Air Force “Menang Project” to the time DAHANA moved to Subang and occupied 600 hectares of land after being headquartered in Tasikmalaya for a long time and facing security issues and the need for land expansion.

“DAHANA has constructed various facilities on an area of nearly 600 hectares, such as an explosives factory, warehouse, meeting hall and a Kantor Manajemen Pusat (Central Management Office), abbreviated as ‘Kampus. Even though it is not a university, the DAHANA ‘kampus’ carries the same philosophical meaning as a center for explosives development, research and innovation in Indonesia,” said Mr Jajuli.

DAHANA operates in the explosives manufacturing, drilling and blasting, defense related and related services business lines. The business sectors include the general mining, quarrying and construction, oil and gas and defense explosives sectors.

In addition to that, serving as the mecca for Indonesian explosives, DAHANA is also known as the company with the most complete explosives facilities in ASEAN. DAHANA’s job sites are scattered across various regions in Indonesia, and explosive products engineered by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) have been trusted by consumers from abroad.

In 2022 DAHANA also joined the Indonesian defense industry SOE’s holding (DEFEND ID), and started to carry the mandate to become the backbone of national defense equipment independence. DEFEND ID is also targeted to become an important player in the global defense industry supply chain, and to be included in the world’s 50 best defense industry companies.

Meanwhile, the leader of the student group, Major Genie Czi Benny Faizal said that he was with 20 students, three trainers and support staff on the visit to DAHANA.

“Our students come from units from all over Indonesia. They have 3 months of training sessions and one of them is a visit to DAHANA which is related to the introduction and handling of explosives including disposal,” said Major Faizal.

After the from Mr Jajuli, the visiting participants got an introduction to and handling of explosives from the Manager of Equipment and Facilities Design and Technology Shahibdin Ma’ruf, followed by a visit to the DAHANA Energetic Material Center area.