Participants of Training for Development of Officer for Administration Service Specialist Officer (Dikbangspes Ba Yanmin) of the National Police and their companions visited the DAHANA Campus in order to increase competency and broaden their knowledge as well as implement the theory of for use and licensing of commercial explosives in practice. The group of students was warmly welcomed by DAHANA’s SM Legal and Corporate Communications, Juli Jajuli at the DAHANA Campus, Subang on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

In his speech, Juli Jajuli explained the history of DAHANA which originated from the Republic of Indonesia Air Force’s “Menang” Project. Then, in 2012 DAHANA was relocated to an area of almost 600 hectares in Subang from Tasikmalaya. In Subang DAHANA established various commercial and military explosives facilities.

“Welcome to Dahana Campus. ‘Campus’ here is not in the sense of university, but is the short of Kantor Managemen Pusat (Central Management Office). Philosophically, it is a place to study explosives, because students and explosives experts often come to study here. We hope that your arrival at DAHANA can increase their insight and knowledge about explosives produced by DAHANA,” said Mr Jajuli.

DAHANA has been part of the Defense Industry SOE’s DEFEND ID holding since April 2020. Owing to its most complete explosives facilities in Southeast Asia, DAHANA carries out the state’s duty to penetrate the world’s explosives supply chain, encourage the independence of the defense industry, especially in the supply of explosives, and help realize DEFEND ID’s penetration into the world’s 50 best defense industries.

Mr Jajuli continued that DAHANA’s explosive products are currently trusted by various well-known mining companies in the country, and are spread across various regions in Indonesia. In practice, DAHANA pays great attention to the safety aspects of explosives, both in terms of production, mobilization and destruction of explosives.

Not satisfied with all existing achievements, DAHANA continues to develop by constructing the latest explosives factories to improve the domestic economy, provide employment and fulfil national defense equipment.

The group of training session consisted of 29 training students from all regional police in Indonesia and 4 companions. They enthusiastically participated in the visit agenda prepared by DAHANA, both in class room sessions and tour to get the firsthand experience in the explosives production process at the DAHANA factory.

Second Inspector Dian Rochmadi, the chief officer of the training group hoped that the students participating in the visit can take part in the activities well, so that they can go home with new insights and knowledge about the commercial explosives industry in Indonesia, especially DAHANA.

“Thank you to Dahana for allowing the students to study the use of commercial explosives to support licensing and monitoring activities for commercial explosives,” said Officer Rochmadi.