Officer-Students of Regular Training (Pasis Dikreg) LXIII of Indonesian Army Command and Staff College (Seskoad) for Fiscal Year 2023 conducted a Defense Strategic Industrial Tour Study to PT DAHANA. Seskoad Commander Major General TNI – I Ketut Duara, S.E., M. Tr. (Han) and his staff were warmly welcomed directly by DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman at DAHANA Campus in Subang on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

In his speech, Mr Widarman mentioned DAHANA’s closeness to the Indonesian Army, explaining that Indonesian explosives mecca material Company actually originated from the Indonesian Air Force (AURI) through the “Menang Project”. Over time, DAHANA has increasingly developed and become an explosives company with the most complete facilities in ASEAN.

“The name DAHANA itself is taken from Sanskrit which means ‘fire’. Then, in the context of business expansion, DAHANA moved to Subang in West Java, occupying almost 600 hectares of land. In the new place, various production facilities, offices, warehouses and other supporting facilities were constructed in the Energetic Material Center area,” said Mr Widarman.

After moving to Subang, DAHANA has experienced rapid development by establishing various explosives manufacturing plants and facilities. Currently, DAHANA’s explosives have gained the trust of consumers at home and abroad, both for the general mining, quarry and construction, oil and gas sectors, and of course the military.

In April 2022 DAHANA was asked to become part of the Indonesian Defense Industry Holding (DEFEND ID). The Holding was then inaugurated by President Joko Widodo. DAHANA together with PT Len Industri (Persero), PT PINDAD, PT DI, and PT PAL were given the mandate to become the motor for realizing the independence of Indonesia’s Alutsista (main apparatus for defense system) and Alpalhankam (instruments and equipment for defense and security).

In the military sector, DAHANA has produced various innovations, such as Defense Rockets consisting of RHan 122b, RHan 450. In addition to that, DAHANA also produces Bomb P Series which is applied to Sukhoi aircraft, Weapons Against Tanks, Rocket Launch Vehicles/Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS ), and other defense products. In developing this product, DAHANA cooperated with other defense industries as a collaborative step to realize the independence of national defense equipment.

Meanwhile, General Duara said that one of the objectives of the Study Tour to PT DAHANA was as a means for the training students to find out the extent of PT DAHANA’s participation in responding to specific needs for explosives and supporting facilities and infrastructure.

“Huge thanks and appreciation to the President Director of DAHANA and the staff who, despite their busy activities, were still able to share their time to welcome the group from Seskoad. “The Pasis Seskoad Study Tour activity to DAHANA is a very important moment in efforts to develop the students’ insight into strategic industries, especially to meet the needs of the army in the future,” said General Duara.