PT ANTAM Tbk. Team visited DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) in order to strengthen the existing cooperation between SOEs, and specifically collaborate to build a joint commitment in encouraging the value of the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) between the two state-owned companies. PT ANTAM’s team was directly welcomed by Acting Vice President of DAHANA EMS, Dadan Munawar and GM General Mining Division (DTU) -1 Herry Sudaryanto and Senior Manager Operations DTU 1 Teja Sukmara at the DAHANA Campus in Subang, West Java on Tuesday, 31 October 2023.

Mr Sudaryanto explained that ANTAM is one of the oldest partners who continues to entrust DAHANA to meet the needs for explosive products and services. According to Mr Sudaryanto, this meeting is very good for strengthening collaboration to advance the national mining sector on one hand, and joint commitment in efforts to increase the value of TKDN as a form of pride in using domestic products on the other hand.

“We welcome back our colleagues from ANTAM. We hope that this friendship can strengthen the positive collaboration that has been running between DAHANA and ANTAM. And in particular, we are mutually committed to continuing to encourage the TKDN value of DAHANA products as a concrete step to continue to prove that domestic products can compete in blasting applications in the underground mining sector,” added Mr Sudaryanto.

In the underground mining sector, DAHANA offers Total Explosive Solutions which consists of provision of explosive supplies, drilling & blasting, loading & hauling including supporting work, excavation, backfilling, compaction up to wall protection and strengthening, warehousing, construction of on-site factories (on site plant), underground explosive charger, warehousing, and licensing.

In addition, since last year DAHANA has been the member of Indonesian SOEs Defense Industry holding (DEFEND ID), together with PT Len Industri (Persero) as the parent, PT PINDAD, PT DI, and PT PAL Indonesia. Even though it operates in the defense industry. DAHANA has sustainably developed its commercial sectors. To date, almost 95% of DAHANA’s income comes from commercial explosives services. One form of commercial sector services is collaboration with ANTAM which is part of the MIND ID holding. This joint commitment strengthens positive collaboration between SOEs holdings.

Meanwhile, Ferry Pathurohman Hidayat, Procurement and Material Management Manager of PT ANTAM said that the current visit was an effort to strengthen cooperation among state-owned companies. He said that as companies that both adhere to the core values of AKHLAK as the breath of their business, collaboration is one of the main requirements for advancing both companies. He underlined that SOEs must be a driving force in advancing domestic products.

“We would like to express our gratitude to DAHANA for the warm welcoming at the Subang Campus. We hope that this meeting can emphasize the collaboration that has existed for decades between the two companies. We are very happy to use DAHANA products. Apart from the TKDN value, DAHANA’s products have met our expectations with its excellent quality. This collaboration has been proven by the long time of use (of products) at PT ANTAM work sites,” said Mr Hidayat.