Starting 2022, PT DAHANA was awarded the Indonesia Excellence Good Corporate Governance Implementation on Corporate Strategy for Innovative Business, for the Manufacturing Industry Category. This award was presented at the Indonesia Excellence Good Corporate Governance 2022 event held virtually by Warta Ekonomi through the Zoom Meeting channel and broadcast live on the Warta Ekonomi TV Youtube channel, Thursday, February 24, 2022.


During the Winner Speech, Ahyanizzaman, PT DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and Human Resources said that DAHANA’s achievement will certainly serve as DAHANA’s motivation in implementing GCG which is the company’s commitment. This is in harmony with the transformation and business innovation efforts being carried out by the company to achieve better results and  to become a strong, growing and sustainable company in serving its customers and all stakeholders.


“We, on behalf of the board of directors and all people of PT DAHANA, would like to convey our deepest gratitude to Warta Ekonomi for the award. We are very happy, and it is an extraordinary honor to receive such an award,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.


Citing the theme the award, which is Implementing Continuous Process, the CEO & Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi highlighted PT DAHANA’s commitment to implementation of  GCG as the company places its focus and priority in realization of its vision and mission.  The company has developed and implemented an Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) as an effort to prevent and encourage a culture of healthy and accountable work. The company also established a Whistle Blowing System Customer Reporting System to prevent and deal with alleged violations within the company environment and support consistent and sustainable company growth.


He added that PT DAHANA is also optimizing and strengthening its position as the largest explosives industry. In Warta Eknonomi’s views, the Company has demonstrated its responsibility in implementation of herd immunity and prevention of COVID-19 by organizing a booster vaccination activity as a form of concern for employees and protection for DAHANA’s people engaged in the explosives industry.


“Apart from that, DAHANA is committed to providing the best information services to its stakeholders and continuing to innovate in order to provide information to the public through the company portal at Therefore, we should present this award certificate to DAHANA,” concluded Ihsan.


As is known, PT DAHANA is a company that is part of the Defense Industry SOEs’ Holding which is engaged in explosives for the general mining, quarry and construction, oil and gas, and defense sectors. Headquartered in Subang, West Java, DAHANA’s technology development and innovation enjoys the support of the Energetic Material Center with a land of ​​more than 500 hectares, which is simply the largest research, development and production center for high-energy materials in Southeast Asia.