PT DAHANA won three awards at the Closing of the OHS Month of PT Semen Padang event. The three awards are the Best Mining Service Company in the Mining & Raw Materials Management Department of PT Semen Padang, the Best Operational Person in Charge in the Mining & Raw Materials Management Department of PT Semen Padang, and the Best Emergency Response Team Simulation at the Mining & Raw Materials Department of PT Semen Padang. The awards were presented through an online meeting on Monday, March 7, 2022.


The Person in Charge of Operations (PJO) of DAHANA’s in Semen Padang site, Melandra Wahyu Dwiputra, said that the award was given because of all the supports, both from DAHANA’s management and all DAHANA employees working at the PT Semen Padang Jobsite Project.


“Thank God and thank you for all the support from the DAHANA Management team and all the Amphibian Troops in the Quarry and Construction Division. Hopefully, this achievement can continue to motivate us to be even better in the future,” Mr Dwiputra said.


Mr Dwiputra also explained that the implementation of the assessment was based on the Safety Performance of DAHANA’s jobsite project at  Semen Padang in 2022, as well the assessment and evaluation period from January to February 2022 within the context of the Implementation of PT Semen Padang’s OHS Month.


In a whole, DAHANA–based on the results of the assessment and evaluation– was determined to have implemented aspects of good mining practice in view of the mining business permit area of ​​PT Semen Padang. All assessments are carried out carefully by the Mining & Raw Material Processing Department of PT Semen Padang.


Mr Dwiputra assessed that DAHANA’s achievement also proves that the company, which is the center for explosives in Indonesia, has  maintained full attention to the Occupational Health and Safety) of its employees in providing services. Every day, DAHANA employees hold a 5-Minute Meeting (P5M) to ensure worker safety, as well as discuss OHS issues encountered during previous day.


In addition, DAHANA also has developed a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) reporting system which is used as a methodology to study and apply practical aspects of protection of the environment, and maintenance of the health and safety of each and every DAHANA employee.


In commemoration of this year’s OHS month, DAHANA is also developing an HSE application to transmit manual reports into a digital system. The HSE application is expected to be beneficial for automating recording, reporting, and creating insightful reports from HSE submitted by employees in the field.