SOEs AKHLAK Core Values, initiated by Ministry of SOE’s has reached the age of one year. DAHANA held a Virtual SOE AKHLAK 1St Anniversary by the DAHANA AKHLAK Team on Thursday, July 29, 2021.


DAHANA (Peresero)’s President Director of DAHANA Budi Antono, on this occasion advised all DAHANA personnel to continually apply the cultural values ​​of AKHLAK in their daily work activities and social life in the community.


With the introduction of AKHLAK as a guide to personal conducts,  Budi hoped that there will be a change in a more positive direction. He wished that all talents and work culture at DAHANA have and remain in the same principles and perspective, so that in every action, both personnel and activities of SOEs stand on these values.


“Hopefully, with the implementation of the AKHLAK cultural values ​​as a guide for the behavior of all DAHANA people, we can make big changes both for the company and for the nation and state,” said Budi Antono.


In reference to provision of AKHLAK by the Ministry of SOEs through the Circular Letter of the Minister of SOEs Number: SE 7/MBU/07/2020 dated July 1, 2020 regarding the Core Values ​​of Human Resources of State-Owned Enterprises, all SOEs including PT DAHANA (Persero)  MUST apply the Core Values ​​of AKHLAK (Trust, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive and Collaborative) as a Corporate Culture.


Meanwhile, DAHANA’s Director of Finance & Human Resources, Asmorohadi, in his speech as Change Sponsor of the AKHLAK Program,  also thanked the Agents of Change who have worked out the drive for DAHANA’s core values ​​internalization program.


“Thanks to the AOC. Yet the job isn’t over. So keep the spirit of being the role model,” said Asmorohadi. (rmt)