PT DAHANA (Persero), a state-owned enterprise engaged in defense and commercial explosives, will establish the first Electronic Detonator plant in Indonesia. This is marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between PT DAHANA (Persero) and its French partner Davey Bickford SAS at Dahana Subang Campus on Friday, July 30, 2021.


According to PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Director Budi Antono, the cooperation between the two companies is set as a joint operation with an initial production capacity of 150,000 pcs/shift/year.


“In early stages, the production of this electronic detonator will be prioritized to meet the domestic needs. However, in the long term, export is possible,” said Budi Antono during his speech.


Apart from the memorandum of understanding signed by President Director Budi Antono, there was also the signing of a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) by the Director of Technology & Development Wildan Widarman and a Rental Agreement for digital blasting equipment by the Director of Operations Bambang Agung. Davey Bickford SAS was represented by its Indonesia representative, Lieusanto Rasjid.


Support for this program originated from the government through the Assistant Deputy for Manufacturing Industry at the Ministry of SOEs, Liliek Mayasari. Liliek Mayasari revealed that the Defense Industry SOEs have the advantage of a dual use of technology-based solution, namely defense and non-defense.


“PT DAHANA is one of the SOEs which are members of the Defense Industry SOEs. Hopefully, the establishment of the electric detonator plant will help strengthen DAHANA’s position as an explosive industry, both nationally and internationally,” said Liliek Mayasari during the virtual speech.


Electronic detonator is one of the accessories for explosives commonly used within mining sector. Electronic detonators function as the main explosives lighters which is capable of performing high level of accuracy compared to other types of detonators. In addition, Electronic Detonators can also increase blasting yields for its ease of setting of the delay time, reduce ground vibration and airblast, provide better safety in electrical environments, and more efficient use of the number of detonators.


The establishment of domestic production facilities is in line with the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the 2021 Ministry of Trade Work Meeting last March. At that time, President Joko Widodo again asked all stakeholders to boost the love of Indonesian products. President also asked the Ministry of Trade to make the right policies and strategies to develop the national product market, for example by supporting programs that are proudly manufactured and made in Indonesia.


“The presence of factories in the country will automatically increase the level of domestic component content (TKDN) which is beneficial to the domestic economic climate. This includes reduction or halt of import quotas in 2022/2023,” said Budi Antono.


Several other production facilities are also in speedier process for completion. The Elemented Detonator (Non-electric) factory with a capacity of 8 million pcs/year located in the Energetic Material Center (EMC) Subang area is planned to start production early next year. Meanwhile, the DAHANA – PKT Ammonium Nitrate Plant Development Project in Bontang is planned for commissioning in the end of next year.