PT DAHANA managed to carrying out the first blasting at the PT Citra Palu Minerals Jobsite Project. The blasting activity led directly by Manager of Jobsite Project of PT CPM, Muhammad Aminuddin ran well on Saturday, 2 December 2023 in Central Sulawesi.

Mr Aminuddin said that the first blasting activity at PT CPM again proved that DAHANA was increasingly widely known and trusted by the mining community. The first blasting carried out by DAHANA was also witnessed by the Head of PT CPM Mining Engineering Yan Adriansyah, PT CPM Drilling & Blasting and representatives of the Poboya Community.

“Thank you to the Board of Commissioners and Directors who have pushed for the project at PT CPM, as well as to all fellow DAHANA employees for their support and superior performance so that DAHANA succeeded in carrying out the first blasting. I also want to express my thanks to PT CPM for their collaborating all this time so that this first blasting event could run smoothly,” said Mr Aminuddin.

Mr Aminuddin also said that the CPM was quite satisfied with DAHANA’s performance in this first blasting. This was special time for the DAHANA team and they are committed to continuing to provide the best results to consumers to make sure that DAHANA’s contracts can expand to other types of work in the future.

“PT CPM leaders who were also present expressed their satisfaction with DAHANA’s performance, and advised us that the proven quality can be maintained and continued. We hope that this work can run smoothly and safely until the end,” said Mr Aminuddin.

Meanwhile, PT DAHANA’s GM of General Mining Division 2, Abdul Haris Atbaro, said that PT DAHANA received a Down-the-holes and Blasting Services contract from PT CPM for the next few years.

“This is a gold mining project site belonging to Bumi Resources Mineral which is handled by DAHANA’s General Mining Division 2. In this project, DAHANA used its best explosives such as non-electric detonator and emulsion,” said Mr Atbaro.

Non-electric detonator is DAHANA’s explosive material which is produced independently by the Energetic Material Center (EMC). PT DAHANA’s emulsion explosives have also been tested in various terrains, ranging from soft rock such as coal OB, hard rock in mineral mines or areas with complex rock structures in quarries and construction work to blasting of underground mines in low water conditions and extreme temperatures.