PT DAHANA 57th Anniversary Committee finalized the 2023 Social and Environmental Responsibility Week (SER) series by holding a Tabligh Akbar (Islamic religious meeting) which featured national preacher Ustad Syahroni Mardani as a speaker. In addition to that, the event which was held on Friday, 20 October 2023 at Bale Dahana was also accompanied with the delivery of charity for orphans, a yell competition among Majelis Taklim (Islamic forum) of Cibogo District and Appreciation of DAHANA’s SER Partners.

In his speech, PT DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary Committee Chair, Juli Jajuli conveyed a brief history of DAHANA to the Tabligh Akbar participants, where DAHANA was born from the “Menang Project” initiated by the Indonesian Air Force, and had its office for a long time in Tasikmalaya before DAHANA finally moved to Subang Regency and constructed various explosive facilities.

“This event is a form of our gratitude for PT DAHANA’s performance and also a form of gratitude for the community’s support and prayers for DAHANA’s progress,” said Mr Jajuli.

During the 57th anniversary activity series, the committee has held various events such as art creation competitions for pre-school students, counseling on stunting and provision of additional food, fun walks, tree planting, the DAHANA Singing Competition, and today’s Tabligh Akbar as the closing of the 2023 DAHANA SER Week.

Mr Jajuli added that DAHANA’s SER Week is a celebration of the Company’s commitment to progress and develop together with the community, especially the people of Subang. This year, the committee raised the theme “Building Resilience through Innovation; Building resilience in the explosives industry and defense industry through innovation” with the hope that DAHANA can become increasingly successful in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Cibogo District Head, Sri Novita, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for DAHANA’s contribution to community development in Subang Regency, especially in Cibogo District. Mrs Novita conveyed that DAHANA is always present in every program launched by the Subang Regency government.

“We pray that PT DAHANA can achieve what it aspires to, namely becoming the leading industry in the field of energetic materials, with innovative goods and services that are highly competitive and environmentally friendly. “With the spirit of PT DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary, we are ready to synergize and collaborate to create Subang Jaya, Outstanding and Prosperous, Subang Jawara,” concluded Mrs Sri Novita.

The Tabligh Akbar event was attended by the Chair of DAHANA SER Unit Eman Suherman, Chair of DKM Al Akhdar Mosque Council Ismail Kurbani, Cibogo District Leaders, Cibogo District Majelis Taklim Management, and Tataliwargi Dahana. As for the yell competition, the Belendung Village Majelis Taklim was selected as first winner, Majasari Village Majelis Taklim the second, and Cibogo Majelis Taklim came the third.