Secretary General of Indonesian Ministry of Defense who is also  President Commissioner of PT DAHANA (Persero) Vice Marshall Donny Ermawan Taufanto, M.D.S. visited DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center in Subang on Monday, March 1, 2021. During his visit this time, Donny was accompanied by another member of the commissioners, namely  Inspector General. (Pol.) Drs. H. Wahyudi Hidayat, Ir. Rina Moreta Chatab, M.M, and Ir. Rizky Ferianto, M.A.


In his remarks, Donny conveyed  that he supports DAHANA’s explosives industry and all the innovations that DAHANA has developed.


“As we know, that DAHANA is one of the largest explosives industries in Indonesia. This EMC facility is even the largest center for high-energy materials in Southeast Asia. We should be proud of it and support all the innovations that DAHANA has made,” said Donny.


During his visit to DAHANA, Donny made inspections to several DAHANA’s Ring 1 limited areas, including  the Nitroglycerin Factory, one of the factories initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense’s Board for Research and Development, visited first hand the production process at the Non-Electric Detonator Factory. Here, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense successfully ran a quality test for the detonation of non-electric detonators and was awarded the Honorary Explosives Certificate.


As the President Commissioner of DAHANA, Donny hoped that DAHANA could become a healthy SOE and contribute a lot to the country, one of which is by realizing the independence of the national defense equipment independence program which started with the independence of the explosives industry.


“DAHANA has been able to make the R-Han 122B Rocket with the national rocket consortium, the R-Han 450 Rocket, the P-100L Bomb, the P-250L Bomb, the P-500L Bomb, the rocket launcher car, and other military and commercial explosives. Under such experiences, I am sure that the independence of defense equipment and explosives will soon be realized, “concluded Donny.