PT DAHANA took part in the Fitness Dance competition representing the Manufacture Cluster at the BUMN Fest 2023 organized by the SOEs Public Relations Forum. The Fitness Dance competition took place at the PLN Education and Training Center, Jakarta, on Monday, 24 July 2023.

BUMN Fest is an annual sports and arts competition as a form of solidarity, togetherness and collaboration of all SOEs employees. SOEs Minister Erick Thohir hoped that this activity can become a bridge for SOES employees spread across various industrial sectors in which can collaborate for the country.

“By working in collaboration we can solve many problems in Indonesia. Like today, we are holding cultural and sports championships per cluster as to prevent the sectoral ego,” said Mr Thohir on Saturday, 22 July 2023.

Meanwhile, Cecep R. Jayadi, a representative from DAHANA’s Fitness Dance (Zumba) team, said that this activity was a place for SOEs employees to gather, move, and achieve together. In addition, that PT DAHANA’s participation also intended to introduce the Company as a mecca for explosives industry in Indonesia.

DAHANA’s Zumba team consists of Cecep, Mega, Siswanti, Amarilis, Dinda, Aulia, Rosidta, Adella, Reni, Euis, accompanied by team officials Neni, Rahmat, and Yustinus. This team comes from Subang and Jakarta Offices.

Mr Jayadi added that the dance exercises have been held separately in Jakarta and Subang. Despite the fact that they are geographically separated, the team remained cohesive and performed in an excellent way and was in accordance with the judges’ assessment criteria.

The lessons learned from Zumba regular Friday morning exercise makes it easier to find talent. The members are also used to participating in competitions that emphasize sportsmanship, collaboration, and achievement events outside the core business. We also thank the management for their appreciation of hobbies and digging deeper into the talents of employees,” concluded Mr Jayadi.