PT DAHANA’s Al Akhdar Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) held another Blessed Friday activity. This time the program was given at the At Taqwa Cibogo Mosque, Subang Regency, July 14, 2023. The congregation of the mosque and the surrounding community was the target of the program. The Head of DKM Al Akhdar Ismail Kurbani said that this activity was a form of concern for PT DAHANA’s employees and the Al Akhdar community for the community.

The Blessed Friday Movement Program is a routine activity carried out by DKM Al Akhdar by supplying lunch boxes to the community. Mr Kurbani hoped that the program can add value to the spirit of sharing among the Al Akhdar congregation, especially PT DAHANA’s employees.

“It is our hope that this activity can foster enthusiasm among PT DAHANA’s employees and the congregation of Al Akhdar Mosque. I also hope that this program can sustain with more and more people participate, so that more people will get the benefit,” Mr Kurbani hoped.

Apart from that, DAHANA’s Al Akhdar DKM also encourages PT DAHANA’s younger generation to get involved in Friday Blessing Movement activities, PT DAHANA’s young generation from millennials and Gen-Z are so enthusiastic in distributing lunch boxes to residents. It is expected that the younger generation can continue the spirit of various things that have been done by DKM Al Akhdar for years.

The Blessed Friday event organized by DKM Al Akhdar is proof of PT DAHANA’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to the making of positive impact on the lives of others. Such initiatives not only come in provision of food to those in need, but also lift their spirits, creating a stronger sense of unity and togetherness.

In its mission to spread the spirit of diversity, DKM Al Akhdar is expected to inspire other organizations and individuals to contribute to improvement of people’s welfare. Helping each other and working together is the spirit of Islam to achieve mutual blessings.