PT DAHANA (Persero) is one of the state-owned companies which is regularly awarded for its sustainable achievemments. It has been a tradition for this explosive producing company to deliver maximum service to consumers and all stakeholders and to help develop Indonesian people.

Dahana has been receiving a vareoty of awards from other institutions for its excellent performance. Despite increasingly tight market condition coupled with the national economic condition affected by the prolonged pandemic, DAHANA is not only able to survive, but also to progress and achieve. Here are the awards received by DAHANA throughout 2020.

TOP CSR AWARD 2020 – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or familiar as DAHANA’s Community Development and Partnership Program (PKBL) received two awards during the TOP CSR Award 2020 event organized by Top Business Magazine. The two awards are Top CSR Award 2020 Star 3 for DAHANA and Top Leader on CSR Commitment for President Director Budi Antono.

Since its establishment until present, DAHANA’s PKBL has carried out various programs that helped implement the company’s strategy. DAHANA’s various kinds of assistance are provided to the community, especially those within the vicinity of DAHANA’s operationasl activities, in the form of capital assistance, training, marketing for fostered partners, or funding for education, building facilities, assistance for people affected by the disaster, and others.

GRC & PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2020 – On the same day with the event for the 2020 TOP CSR Award, at the TVRI Jakarta Auditorium, DAHANA also received two awards at the 2020 GRC & Performance Excellence Award. The awards consist of the category The Best GRC For Performance Management in Operational 2020 (In Manufacturing Industry) and The Best Corporate Secretary 2020.

The GRC & Performance Excellence Award 2020 is an annual corporate rating (award) event in the fields of corporate governance (GCG), risk management and compliance management and is aimed at encouraging companies to better comply with good corporate governance both internally and towards their stakeholders. Out of the participating 400 state-owned and private companies in the GRC & Performance Excellent selection process, only 28 companies came as winners. DAHANA was one of the winners.

BUMN MARKETEERS AWARD 2020 AWARDS – The days leading up to DAHANA’s 54th anniversary also became the days of award, this time from BUMN Marketeers Award 2020. DAHANA won a Bronze Winner medal and title “THE MOST PROMISING COMPANY IN TACTICAL MARKETING” which was held online in order to encourage various companies to continue to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in paving the way to recover amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The selection process ran from August to September 2020 which involved various state-owned companies and their subsidiaries. In adjustment to the pandemic conditions, the entire judging and presentation process was carried out online. The judging process was with the help of members of the Jakarta CMO Club, the Indonesia Marketing Association and the International Council for Small Business in Indonesia.

Jamboree PR Indonesia Award (JAMPIRO) 2020 – DAHANA Public Relations Manager July Jajuli was awarded the Silver Winner of INSAN PR INDONESIA 2020 Sub-category Public Relations Manager at the 6th Indonesian PR Jamboree (JAMPIRO) which was held online via live broadcast on Youtube Channel PR Indonesia. The INSAN PR INDONESIA competition is a form of appreciation of the competence and performance efforts of excellent PR practitioners from corporations / organizations throughout Indonesia.

DAHANA’s PR recently has creatively underteken various kinds of communication programs for the public by utilizing digital media and communication spaces for fellow employees of the explosives company, such as the Arts and Sports (SENIOR DAHANA) and the Joy for Writing (Gumelis) program which invited DAHANA’s employees to convey their ideas through writing, and build good communication among employees.

PRATAMA AWARD-MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES (ESDM) – DAHANA site Adaro was awarded the Pratama Charter for Standardization Management and Mineral and Coal Mining Service Business for the category of Mining Service Company Group Holders of IUJP in the Blasting Sector. The award procession was carried out online through the Director General of MinerbaTV’s Youtube account last September. The assessment process was divided into three stages, namely administrative selection, online verification, and a plenary session with a jury consisting of academics and mining practitioners. The aspects assessed at this award included mining engineering, mining safety, mining environment, mineral and coal conservation, standardization and mining and coal service business.

Those are appreciations awarded to DAHANA in 2020. It is our wish that DAHANA is not only capable of keeping the good work, but also make significant progress in the future. DAHANA Be Excellent!