DAHANA’s Partnership & Community Development Program Unit (PKBL) once again donated Natural Conservation assistance to Suryadarma Kalijati Airbase. The donation consisted of 100 trash cans and 20 sets of decorative tables and chairs made of used production drums.

The handover of assistance was carried out on December 29, 2020 at Taman Canda Dahana by DAHANA’s Senior Manager of Corporate Services Andri P. Kartiko to the Suryadarma Air Base commander, represented by Major Taufik Hidayat as the Head of the Suryadarma Air Base Operation and Training Section.

“I am representing the Suryadarma Air Base Commander and the entire Suryadarma Airbase to thank DAHANA for their assistance. Hopefully Suryadarma and DAHANA Lanud can always work in collaboration in building the nation, “said Taufik.

DAHANA’s Community Development Program is an activity routinely carried out by the Company as a form of corporate’s concern and responsibility for the environment and society. One of DAHANA’s Community Development programs is conservation of nature and the environmental which includes land regreening, renewable energy, utilization of used goods and conservation of watersheds.

Apart from the Community Development Program, the Partnership Program, which provides business capital loans for DAHANA-assisted MSMEs, also continues to take the related active role. This Partnership Program does not only provide funding assistance to MSME players, but also helps fostered MSME players in marketing, both at the local level and penetrating into the international market.