PT DAHANA (Persero) as a provider of explosives, in collaboration with LAPAN, Research and Development Agency of Ministry of Defense, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) and PT PINDAD (Persero) who are members of the National Rocket Consortium carried out the R-Han 450 Rocket test in Pameungpeuk, West Java on Friday, December 28, 2018.

The R-Han 450 Rocket testing program was opened by Deputy of LAPAN Aviation & Space Technology, Head of Research and Development of Ministry of Defense, and Director of Research and Development PT DAHANA (Persero). This rocket has been tested several times to achieve maximum results. In a previous trial in 2016, the R-Han 450 successfully slid 55 km. A series of improvements are still being carried out, so it is expected that ground-to-ground rockets for terrain artillery can reach the ideal distance of 100 km.

The R-Han 450 is a ballistic type rocket with a total length of 7.2 meters, a diameter of 46 cm, a total mass of 1,750 kg, a propellant mass of 750 kg, with a maximum range of <100 km and a maximum speed of 3,300 km/hour.

This rocket was previously known as the RX 450; the name then changed to the R-Han 450 and the increase in capability in the ballistic rocket was expected to be mass produced in the interests of both domestic and commercial defense.

“It is expected that this rocket will continue to experience performance improvements, especially for the Defense Industry, so that it can be immediately mass produced since mass production will bring benefits to the Defense Industry, especially for DAHANA.” said Heri Heriswan, Director of Technology and Development at DAHANA. (Yz)