Dahana Workers’ Union, commonly known as SEJADAH, sent aid to Palu. Assistance is sent through the State-Owned Enterprises Synergy Trade Union Federation. The assistance began to be distributed since December 12, 2018 to several disaster locations.

Some representatives of Trade Unions who are members of the FSP Synergy of State-Owned Enterprises such as the Indonesian Workers Union, the DAHANA Workers’ Union, the Indonesian Classification Bureau Union, the PT Garam Workers’ Union, Bulog Workers’ Union arrived in Palu since Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

As we all know, on September 28, 2018, an earthquake followed by a tsunami struck the west coast of the island of Sulawesi; an earthquake of 7.4 magnitude had destroyed residential buildings and community activities, and brought casualties. Some locations were affected quite severely, such as Palu, Donggala and Sigi.

Although the disaster response period has been revoked, the condition of the residents has not recovered. Today, Central Sulawesi is still in the process of rehabilitation on both material and other needs.

Before distributing donations, Workers’ Union representatives surveyed the needs of victims in several refugee camps.

“We bought the logistics they needed including rice, sugar, toiletries, sanitary napkins, baby equipment, baby diapers, baby milk, clothes, and medicines,” said Herdi Pramayudha, a DAHANA Workers Union representative who participated in the distribution of aid.

Total of donations by the trade unions amounted to IDR150,515,875 was spent on the needs of refugees with assistance from the State Logistics Agency, and distributed to three points with each IDR50 million to the Petobo, Sigi and Donggala Areas.

Separately, Chairperson of the Dahana Workers’ Union Juli Jajuli said that the assistance sent by Sejadah was funds collected from Dahana employees raised some time ago.

“The fund is a form of employee care for his brothers and sisters who were affected by the disaster. Fundraising is done at Subang, Jakarta and the site project. “The distribution of aid is on location together with other State-Owned Enterprises unions gathered in the FSP Synergy of State-Owned Enterprises,” Juli Jajuli explained. (YZ)