PT DAHANA won the “Best SOE 2023 with Top Financial Performance and Reliability in Creating Explosives” award in the Defense Industry category. This award was given by Warta Ekonomi and received directly by the PT DAHANA’s GM of the Quarry & Construction Division Setio Budhianto at the 2023 Indonesia Best SOEs Awards which was held at Le Méridien Jakarta, on Wednesday, 27 September 2023.

Muhamad Ihsan, CEO & Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi, said that the performance of various state-owned institutions from time to time continues to develop and provide positive stimulants to the economy in Indonesia. The award was granted by Warta Ekonomi through the 2023 Indonesia Best SOEs Awards under the theme of “Growing Up Together in Transformative and Innovative Era”.

“This theme was chosen in hoping that various SOEs institutions can continue to strengthen transformative strategies in their capabilities through their related programs and innovations, build a better business ecosystem in each SOE industry, and be able to convert various opportunities in all situations to continue to contribute to advancement of Indonesia’s economy,” said Mr Ihsan.

GM of the Quarry & Construction Division of PT DAHANA Setio Budhianto expressed his gratitude for the award given by Warta Ekonomi. Mr Budhianto said that this award is a beautiful gift for the Indonesian explosives mecca company which will turn 57 years old in October.

Mr Budhianto also stated that there was a connection between the theme raised by Warta Ekonomi and the theme of PT DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary “Building Resilience through Innovation”. This confirms DAHANA’s commitment to innovation in order to strengthen the Company’s resilience as stated in the AKHLAK core values.

During the past decade, DAHANA has contributed various innovations in services, management systems, services and products. DAHANA’s innovation commitment is the Company’s effort to realize the independence of the national explosives industry, and ultimately improve the Indonesian economy.

“We would like to thank Warta Ekonomi for appreciating DAHANA’s innovation. This award is the result of the hard work of all DAHANA people from the BoD, Commissioners to employees. “Hopefully with this award, there will be more innovations carried out by DAHANA,” concluded Mr Budhianto.