PT DAHANA won the Excellence Financial Performance 2022 award at the Sustainable SOE & Islamic Business Forum 2023 event organized by the economic magazine Infobank. The award was received directly by the President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman at the Bali Room Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, 27 September 2023.

Mr Widarman expressed his gratitude to Infobank for appreciating DAHANA’s good financial performance in 2022 during which DAHANA successfully made an increase in the Company’s revenue and profits.

“We would like to thank Infobank for its appreciation. This is a valuable gift for us who will be turning 57. “We also want to thank the shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Directors and all DAHANA people for their excellent performance throughout 2022. I hope that this award will not make us complacent, but will continue to strive to be better,” said Mr Widarman.

Apart from the hike in revenue and net profit, DAHANA also succeeded in elevating its EBITDA by 535.7% from the previous year which was 422.1 billion. In general, there has been an extraordinary increase in the company’s financial sector at the closing of 2022 book. Nearly 95% of this increase in the financial sector originated from the commercial explosives business.

Mr Widarman said that this was DAHANA’s success in implementing AKHLAK core values in all lines, especially in terms of innovations in the fields of business, processes, products and management systems. Almost every year, DAHANA comes up with new products that have an impact on increase of the Company’s finance.

The award given by Infobank further strengthens DAHANA’s position as the mecca for Indonesian explosives. To date, DAHANA is listed as an explosives company that has the most complete facilities in the ASEAN region. DAHANA’s products and services are spread throughout Indonesia and have been in demand in Asia Pacific.

“In the spirit of PT DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary theme–Building Resilience through Innovation–we will continue to innovate and invest in technology and human resources to ensure DAHANA remains a leader in this industry,” concluded Mr Widarman.