PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit organized Barista Style Coffee Training in collaboration with PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. The training which was carried out in commemoration of International Coffee Day was held at Saung Kopi DAHANA in Subang on 27 September 2023.

In his speech on behalf of PT DAHANA’s management, PT DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications, Juli Jajuli, conveyed several messages regarding DAHANA’s sustainable SER programs, coffee diplomacy strategy, and a brief history of DAHANA’s presence in Subang.

“This program is not a sudden program. This is a long series of programs carried out by the DAHANA SER Team which have reached various remote areas in Subang Regency; from the northern coastal area with mangrove planting, to other awareness programs in the East, West, South and Central Subang regions. “Our SER program have brought MSME partners to the next level up and with the capability of export,” said Mr Jajuli.

In addition to that, Mr Jajuli talked about the coffee diplomacy strategy which is currently being implemented to support the Company branding. This is in line with the results of research on coffee which has a good impact on health and can even extend human life expectancy.

“Even the results of a small survey on the coffee behavior of DAHANA employees show that there are still few who consume coffee in a healthy way. “Therefore, this Barista Style Coffee Training event is held as a form of campaign so that more employees and the public choose healthy coffee,” said Mr Jajuli.

In the same event, the Chair of DAHANA’s SER unit Eman Suherman explained that the 2023 DAHANA SER Week will be held from 16 to 20 October 2023 which will feature programs that have been done with various levels of society.

“The event will include drawing competitions and art creation performances for Pre-school/Kindergarten children throughout Subang Regency, stunting education, Prolanis Gymnastics and Blood Donation, tree planting and Employee Healthy Walks, DAHANA Singing Competition for high school and equivalent students, and Tabligh Akbar, compensation and appreciation of TJSL partners,” explained Eman Suherman.

Meanwhile, DEFEND ID’s SER Coordinator, Emma Sri Sakti, expressed her support for the SER activities carried out by DAHANA. She hoped that DAHANA can consistently implement the SER program which to help MSMEs of its fostered partners rise to the next class.

“We support DAHANA’s SER programs in order to help the MSMEs of our fostered partners move up a class. “We hope that DAHANA’s SER activities can respond to the challenges faced by MSMEs, and become a problem solver for the current online buying and selling problem,” said Miss Sakti.

This event was also attended by members of SOEs ID holding, DAHANA and Telkom partners, DAHANA employees and the general public. Apart from Barista Style Coffee Training, this event was also packed with Digital Application Socialization for MSMEs by Indibiz to improve the abilities of fostered partners in facing the challenges of the times.