PT DAHANA organized a townhall meeting for 3rd Anniversary of SOEs AKHLAK. During the meeting, the President Director of Wildan Widarman was the keynote speaker. The townhall Meeting event was attended by all employees in a hybrid way through zoom meetings, and offline at the Subang Campus, Monday, 31 July 2023.

The meeting was under the theme of “AKHLAK’s Role in Increasing the Performance of a Sustainable Company & Promoting Respectful Workplace Policy at DAHANA”. Mr Widarman said that AKHLAK’s takes an important role in building DAHANA’s as a sustainable company so that the values can be passed on to future generations.

“Today we are gathering here at the townhall meeting in commemoration of three years of SOEs AKHLAK. When we compare the age of three on humans, we can say that it is the age when you start running. I don’t think I need to unravel the cultural values of AKHLAK one by one,” said Mr Widarman.

He also added that in Islam, it’s the prophetic task of Rasulullah PBUH to improve morals by building good moral of conduct. The Prophet became an example because of his good morals towards anyone, even enemies. The Prophet also taught a work ethic that was diligent, honest, innovative, and sustainable.

Wildan also explained about the Prophet’s hadith which said, “Innamaa bu’itstu li utammima makarimal akhlaq” which means “I was raised/sent to perfect the most noble of character”. According to Mr Widarman this hadith shows the importance of good morals.

“In line with this hadith, three years ago the Minister of SOEs declared AKHLAK as the cultural values of SOEs in order to achieve extraordinary fundamental changes to encourage the Ministry of SOEs and SOEs themselves itself to grow better by realizing the designated work programs,” added Mr Widarman.

Apart from some notions about the importance of AKHLAK’s, Mr Widarman also described management policies that can create a work space that is safe and respectful of one another. He underlined that a safe workplace will increase productivity to make sure companies can provide the best for the nation and state.