PT DAHANA (Persero) collaborated with HIMPAUDI of Cibogo district for organization of early childhood Pildacil (Kid Proselytizer) Competition in the series of DAHANA CSR Week 2021. The event, which was held on Thursday, October 7, 2021, was attended by dozens of participants from early childhood education institutions in Cibogo Subang District.


In his remarks, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Public Relations & Institutional Manager Juli Jajuli said that the collaboration with the Indonesian Association of Early Childhood Educators and Education Personnel (HIMPAUDI) and other educational institutions has been established for a long time.


“Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we had more competitions and the participants ranging from early children to  senior high school level,” said Mr  Jajuli.


This year, the new committee can resume the offline competition programs while still implementing the health protocol. The branches of the competitions held this time are the Pildacil and poetry reading and writing competitions for the high school level.


“Hopefully with the improved conditions of the pandemic, the event will be even merrier next year,” said Mr Jajuli


Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of  Subang Regency HIMPAUDI, Ida Royani, welcomed the implementation of this competition event after a temporary halt due to the pandemic.


“Thank God, the collaboration with DAHANA has been established since 2017. We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the 2021 DAHANA CSR Week series,” explained Mrs Royani.


DAHANA’s CSR Week is an annual agenda in celebration for Dahana’s anniversary. This year, various events were held to welcome the 55th anniversary, one of which was DAHANA’s CSR Week 2021 which was packed with competitions for school students, free medical treatment, MSME webinars, assistance for children with stunting, blood donation and other social activities.