The Bone Regency Health Agency of South Sulawesi Province visited the Social and Environmental Responsibility Work Unit (TJSL) of PT DAHANA (Persero) with regards in distribution of sustainable assistance in the field of public health, especially in efforts to prevent and treat leprosy. The visit was paid on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at Bale Musyawarah of Sadawarna village in Subang.


Mr Komaruddin, Secretary and Officer of Leprosy Section of Bone Regency Health Agency with his entourage was welcome by the Head of TJSL DAHANA Mr Eman Suherman. During the meeting, Mr Suherman conveyed DAHANA’s involvement in realizing Subang zero leprosy by providing health assistance in an effective and carefully planned manner.


“We are grateful to be able to visit Sadawarna village in Subang and have the opportunity for direct discussions with DAHANA regarding the distribution of sustainable assistance, especially in the field of public health, particularly in terms of the prevention and treatment of leprosy which is included in the infectious disease category,” said Mr Komaruddin.


Currently, Indonesia is dubbed as the third position in the world for leprosy infection. Leprosy is a disease caused by leprosy bacteria (mycobacterium leprae), with symptoms such as numbness in the legs and feet, followed by the appearance of lesions on the skin. Leprosy can also be transmitted through splashes of saliva or phlegm that come out when an infected person coughs or sneezes.


Indonesia has targeted the complete eradication of leprosy. All related elements work hand in hand to encourage leprosy-free Indonesia, including DAHANA. Through the TJSL program, DAHANA has provided nutritional assistance to people with leprosy, as well as carried out a campaign to eradicate leprosy in Subang, which is a priority regency for eradication of  leprosy in West Java.


According to Mr Suherman, the campaign to eradicate leprosy is one of the important things as up to the present time until now there is still an assumption in the community that leprosy is a curse, so that people with leprosy are shunned by the community instead of getting access to health and healing. This stigma often leaves no other choice for sufferers than hiding themselves.


“Therefore, DAHANA together with the West Java Provincial Health Office, and the Cibogo Health Center  are conducting a massive campaign in the community, so that residents get proper knowledge about leprosy, get aware of how to avoid its transmission, and treat it. And there will be no more bullying of people with leprosy,” said Mr Suherman.