PT DAHANA helped the tree planting program by supplying wood and fruit plants to the West Java Environmental Service. This assistance is meant to support the tree planting program held by the West Java Environmental Service together with West Java Privincial Military Command III Siliwangi at Kiarapayung Campground, in Sumedang Regency, West Java, from 1 to 3 February 2024.

The plants were handed over by DAHANA Corporate Services Senior Manager Ogi Nugraha to the West Java Province Environmental Service. Mr Nugraha said that this assistance was DAHANA’s support for efforts to overcome the global climate crisis.

“This assistance is the Company’s effort to help reduce the impact of the global climate crisis. DAHANA has a great commitment to the environment. In recent years DAHANA has provided tens of thousands of trees for reforestation in West Java in general and in Subang Regency in particular.” Said Mr Nugraha.

Apart from provision of assistance with planting trees to the community, DAHANA’s green commitment can be seen from the construction of a Central Management Office that received Green Building Level Platinum certificate from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). DAHANA also utilizes forest areas around office areas as natural fences.

DAHANA’s green commitment is demonstrated by making environmentally friendly explosive products by utilizing oil waste which are enthusiastically welcomed by consumers. The use of sustainable raw materials can increase the costumers’ environmental consciousness and the willingness to choose explosive products and their derivatives.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Eman Suherman explained that in the 2024 DAHANA’s SER Budget-Plan, the environmental sector is included in the priority sectors as support for the Sustainable Development Goals which has become a national program. In the previous year, DAHANA succeeded in actively collaborating with Forest Farmer Groups through the Agroforestry program.

“We hope that the collaboration for greening Indonesia can expand into a movement along with the Indonesian people to make sure the future generations can still enjoy the beauty of nature and a green and beautiful living environment,” concluded Mr Suherman.