Dahana carried out an environmental audit with an auditor recommended by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), namely PT Sekar Delima with the Directorate of Prevention of Environmental Impacts on Businesses. The KLHK Activities included expose of the audit results to the KLHK on January 4, 2022. This environmental audit is to ensure that DAHANA’s business activities run in accordance with sustainable development and applicable laws and regulations.


DAHANA, which is engaged in the explosives industry, operates with activities of high risk to the environment, and has the obligation to conduct periodic Environmental Audits under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. This is in accordance with the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. 3 of 2013 on Environmental Audit.


According to Erwin Cipta Mulyana, Senior Manager of DAHANA’s K3LH & Technology DAHANA, as a form of company support, DAHANA has complied with regulations of an Environmental Audit since 2016, and regularly reports the results to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry until 2022. DAHANA’s Mandatory Periodic Environmental Audit is carried out in accordance with the approval of the Audit Plan directed by the Directorate of Forestry Planning and Environmental Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Number S-432/PKTL/PDLUK/PLA.4/6/2021 dated 7 June 2021.


“The audit result stated that DAHANA has managed high environmental risks with a record of continual improvement recommendations. DAHANA is also a role model for environmental audits to other companies because it is one of the pioneers for this activity and implements such audit in a consistent way,” said Mr Mulyana.


Being a company that serves as the center of Indonesia’s explosives, DAHANA has also carried out various innovations to support the green industry, such as construction of an office building that has received the First Green Building certificate in Indonesia.


Engaged in the explosives industry, DAHANA’s service products adapt to minimize risks to the environment, such as by building the company’s capacity and technology in measuring ground vibration in each of the planned blasting operation.


Apart from that, the engineers at DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) work hard to carry out the company’s vision to produce highly competitive and environmentally friendly products and services. This has also been proven by the awarding DAHANA received as the Company with the Best Innovation for Environmentally Friendly Products at the 2013 BUMN Innovation Awards event.