Oil and gas practitioners visited DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center for the Explosives Course training. The training participants, originating from companies engaged in the oil and gas sector throughout Indonesia, were warmly welcomed by DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communication, Juli Jajuli and the team at the Dahana Campus Auditorium on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

In his remarks, Mr Jajuli introduced DAHANA from the time it was born until its move to Subang, as well as DAHANA’s involvement in the defense industry holding DEFEND ID.

“Welcome, training participants. I hope this visit can help you get to know more about and learn about explosives in Dahana’s oil and gas sector, as is the philosophy of the Dahana Campus as a place to learn and gain knowledge,” said Mr Jajuli.

DAHANA offers complete facilities on an area of 600 hectares ranging from warehouses, offices, multi-purpose buildings, to factories which are claimed to have the most complete facilities in the Southeast Asia region. Apart from that, the quality and variety of DAHANA’s explosives are known to be very effective in various fields, and therefore DAHANA is called the mecca of Indonesian explosives.

Mr Jajuli also said that another advantage of DAHANA’s explosives products is the high value of the Domestic Content Level (TKDN), meaning that purchasing DAHANA’s products also contributes to improving the domestic economy.

As the mecca of Indonesian explosives, DAHANA always tries to provide superior performance to consumers with Total Explosives Solution services, where in the oil and gas sector, for example, DAHANA provides explosives, distribution of explosives, warehousing and destruction of explosives.

Meanwhile, Rozak, the head of the delegation said that to this meeting brought 38 KPDM participants from various institutions and various regions throughout the country. Mr Rozak hoped that the participants can listen well to DAHANA’s presentation, and follow all the instructions given.

“We at KPDM thank you the warm welcome. We are proud that this nation has its own explosives factory managed by the people of Indonesia. Hopefully DAHANA will progress and develop,” concluded Mr Rozak.