PT DAHANA worked in collaboration with PT Kimia Farma Tbk. to hold an Annual Medical Check-up (MCU) for all DAHANA employees at the Subang Campus, Jakarta Office, as well as those at the Jobsite Projects. This annual routine activity is the Company’s step in serving health and ensuring the welfare of all DAHANA employees.

PT DAHANA’s Human Capital and Employment Service Manager, Cecep Ahmad Fauzi said, this year, hundreds of DAHANA employees participated in the MCU process. Subang employees carried out MCU at the Subang Campus on June 20, 2023, while the same even at the Jakarta Office was held on June 21 2023. Site employees can carry out the event with the nearest Kimia Farma by first contacting the Human Capital Management section.

“Working in collaboration with Kimia Farma for organizing DAHANA’s Annual MCU is part of our commitment to prioritize employee health and welfare. We believe that healthy and prosperous employees will make a better contribution in performing their duties and responsibilities,” said Mr Fauzi.

The employees from the Indonesian explosives mecca company received facilities from the company in the form of health checks from Kimia Farma including blood, urine, eyes; physical evaluation, EKG, X-rays and blood sugar.

In addition to medical examinations, this event also provides an opportunity for employees to consult with doctors regarding their health conditions and receive advice and actions to be taken to maintain a good body condition. All checks and consultations are done in a professional manner and the confidentiality of employee personal information is strictly maintained.

Mr Fauzi also appreciated Kimia Farma’s performance in DAHANA’s annual MCU. He said that the Kimia Farma team worked very professionally in serving the health of DAHANA’s employees. This satisfaction is proven by the fact that collaboration with Kimia Farma has been going on for years.

“Thank God, every year DAHANA employees are scheduled to get MCU to ensure that DAHANA employees’ health can be well controlled. In addition, the service from Kimia Farma as DAHANA’s partner in running the MCU is very good and professional,” concluded Mr Fauzi.