SUBANG – Explosives practitioners in Oil & Gas sector who are participants in the Oil and Gas Explosives Management Safety Technical Guidance visited PT DAHANA for a Field Work Practice to broaden their insights and knowledge on explosives, especially those in the Oil and Gas sector. The team led by Suryono was received by DAHANA’s SM Legal and Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, Thursday, 25 May 2023.

In his remarks, Mr Jajuli talked about Dahana’s past, present and future plans. He explained that DAHANA is an explosives mecca in Indonesia with integrated facilities ranging from research, development to production of explosives. Owing to this, DAHANA is capable of offering a variety of superior products and services related to explosives, including products and services in the Oil and Gas sector.

“Welcome to PT DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center, an integrated area that produces high-energy materials, one of which is explosives to support DAHANA’s business sector in general mining, quarries and construction, oil and gas and the defense sector,” explained Mr Jajuli.

Mr Jajuli also told the audience about the history of DAHANA, which was originally headquartered in Tasikmalaya, which then– for business development– moved to Subang Regency in mid 2012. In the Energetic Material Center area which covers almost 600 hectares, various production facilities and other supporting facilities were built.

Meanwhile, DAHANA’s Oil and Gas Division Commercial Product Marketing and Operations SM Aditya Prima Dewayana said, in the oil and gas sector DAHANA offers as a Total Explosive Solution service which consists of supplying explosives, transporting explosives, licensing, warehousing, and destroying explosives. Apart from that, DAHANA’s personnel in the oil and gas sector are experienced and properly certified.

“In the oil and gas sector, DAHANA offers as a variety of products and services, such as Dayagel Seismic which has superior performance, resistance to watery terrain, and long delay times. Another advantage of this explosive is the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) which reaches 68.15%,” said Mr Dewayana.

After receiving a presentation on introductory material on commercial explosives, the participants of the Oil and Gas Explosives Management Safety Technical Guidance had the opportunity to visit DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center area to directly get the one hand experience of the explosives production process and quality test facilities owned by DAHANA.

“We thank PT DAHANA very much for always being open to participants in the Oil and Gas Explosives Management Safety Technical Guidance. We hope that this collaboration will continue. We hope that the participants can also learn a lot from DAHANA’s presentation,” concluded Suryono.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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