Practitioners of the national oil and gas industry revisited PT DAHANA in order to broaden their insights and knowledge regarding oil and gas explosives. The team led by Abdul Rozak was received by Acting VP Energetic Material Centre Dadan Munawar at the DAHANA Campus, Subang on Thursday, 24 August 2023.

Mr Munawar said that DAHANA is Indonesia’s centre for high-energy materials with the most complete facilities in the Southeast Asia region. Therefore, DAHANA is able to offer a variety of superior products and services related to explosives, including products and services in the oil and gas sector.

“On behalf of the management, we welcome all oil and gas practitioners visiting DAHANA Campus today. The word ‘Kampus’ does not actually refer to ‘university’; it is an acronym for the Kantor Manajemen Pusat, but philosophically it carries the same function as practitioners, academics, students, and experts often visit DAHANA to learn about explosives, just like the reason why they go to campus,” said Mr Munawar.

Mr Munawar also explained about the history of DAHANA, which was originally established in Tasikmalaya and due to limited land and business expansion plans, DAHANA moved to Subang, occupying almost 600 hectares of land.

In the oil and gas sector, DAHANA offers a Total Explosive Solution service which consists of supply of explosives, transport of explosives, licensing, warehousing, and explosive destruction. DAHANA’s personnel in the oil and gas sector are certified and experienced.

Explosives that are a regularly used in oil and Gas are Dayagel Seismic which is an explosive with superior performance, resistance to watery fields, and long delay times. The explosive contains the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) 68.15%.

Meanwhile, Mr Rozak expressed his gratitude to DAHANA for facilitating the participants to learn the process of explosives handling. He also hoped that this visit can provide participants with abundant knowledge and experience in term of explosives handling.

“We thank PT DAHANA very much. We are relatively close. This time most of the participants are new recruits. I hope everything will go smoothly. Once again, thank you to DAHANA, which never fails to warmly welcome our visit,” concluded Mr Rozak.

After listening to the presentation on Introduction and Handling of Explosives material from Shahibdin Ma’ruf – DAHANA’s Design and Technology Manager of Tools and Facilities, the Field Work Practice participants then had the opportunity to visit DAHANA’s Energetic Material Centre area to directly witness the explosives production process and its quality test facilities by DAHANA.