PT DAHANA received appreciation from the Government of Subang Regency for the former’s contribution to disaster relief and mitigation in Subang. The certificate of appreciation was handed over during the Coordination Meeting on the Preparation of the Disaster Risk Assessment Document (KRB) and Subang Regency Disaster Map, at the Subang Regional Government Hall on Monday, August 21, 2023.

The Head of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, Eman Suherman expressed his gratitude for the Award Charter that given by the Regional Government of Subang Regency. Mr Suherman said that the appreciation is proof of DAHANA’s presence on the problems encountering the people of Subang in terms of disaster.

“We would like to thank the Regional Government of Subang for this award. PT DAHANA is committed to remaining present to the problems faced by the community, especially in Subang Regency. In terms of disaster mitigation, DAHANA always coordinates and collaborates with various parties to help the people affected by the disasters,” said Mr Suherman.

PT DAHANA has a long and good track record of helping the people of Subang affected by disasters, be it natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, or Covid-19. At the time of the flood, DAHANA swiftly coordinated with the government and helped provide the facilities and needs of the casualties.

Apart from providing assistance to the casualties, DAHANA is takes a active part in disaster mitigation, such as planting mangrove trees on the North Coast of Subang to minimize the impact of community losses from tidal floods. Facing the dry season, DAHANA provides assistance with clean water facilities, and makes greenery establishment in various places to reduce the problem of climate change.

Mr Suherman hoped that the disaster programs organized by PT DAHANA can inspire other institutions or companies operating in Subang Regency to take part in responding to the community problems. He believes that under such power of collaborative works among the government, SOEs, the private sector, and other communities, the city of Subang Jawara will be able to minimize the impact of disasters.

“Congratulations for the Coordination Meeting for the Preparation of the Disaster Risk Assessment Document (KRB) and the Subang District Disaster Map. “Hopefully this meeting can facilitate humanitarian work, especially in dealing with potential disasters in Subang Regency, and increase community’s early warning system so as to reduce the impact of disasters,” concluded Mr Suherman.