The administrator of the Subang Regency Reading Parks Community Forum (FTBM)

for the period 2021-2026 was officially inaugurated on Monday, March 22, 2021 at the PGRI Hall, Subang Regency. By virtue of second round of meeting of the forum, Hasanudin, M.Pd was elected as the Chairman of the Subang Regency Reading Parks Community Forum (FTBM) for the period of 2021-2026.



The inauguration procession was attended by representatives of the West Java Reading Station Community Forum, Head of the Subang Regency Education and Culture Office, and several other related agencies and attendees consisting of representatives of reading stations in Subang district including DAHANA Reading Park administrators.


When met after the inauguration procession, Hasanudin, M.Pd,  the chairman of the Reading Parks Community Forum, said that the literacy interest of the Subang community is considered to be weak which requires the involvement of all levels of society, not only from the education office and community reading station forums, but also the need for collaboration from parents to encourage interest in reading, especially for children.


“It is our hope that the presence of this forum can be a trigger to help elevate people’s aware that literacy interest is very important to advance the dignity of human resources, especially in Subang Regency,” said Hasanudin.


As for Subang, many reading stations have been established, both independently managed by several activists with concern on the world of literacy and those established in several agencies. One of them is Taman Bacaan DAHANA or Taman Canda which was founded by PT DAHANA (Persero).


Taman Canda is an integrated area between a reading station, a playground, and a museum which is located in a cultural heritage building owned by PT DAHANA (Persero). Inside the park, there are several facilities dedicated to the community such as a library that provides various kinds of reading books, a children’s playground, a museum that displays the history of PT DAHAN (Persero) ‘s journey and is equipped with a free wifi corner for the community.


The Taman Canda is established under the vision and mission as a center for information and educational tourism in the context of the realization of a smart, insightful and cultured society that provides quality books in collaboration between SOEs and the Balai Pustaka.


“Taman Canda was established by PT DAHANA (Persero) with DAHANA’s big aspirations and dreams to help build a generation of intelligently reading literates,” said Juli Jajuli, the Public Relations & Institutional Manager of PT DAHANA (Persero).