Muty S. Desrini, who is now the Customer Relations Manager following the appointment of Alip Muharam as Senior Manager in the General Mining Division. She shared her experiences of handling various kinds of consumers. Her presence in this state-owned explosives company is one of the reasons behind the recent achievement of above target in terms of DAHANA’s consumers.


DAHANA as an explosives company is not standing in an empty space. The Company enjoys an extensive support of qualified talents who play a role in developing the company to become a mecca of explosives in Indonesia. One of DAHANA’s notable talents is Muty S. Desrini who is always friendly while dealing with various costumers. For Muty, working at DAHANA is really a great thing.


“I like working at DAHANA because the work is dynamic, meeting many clients and dealing with all kinds of people,” said Muty.


According to the woman who joined DAHANA in 2008, working at DAHANA never gives her bad times as she always finds comfort that can transcend various kinds of unfavorable issues while working. Moreover, Muty is very well known as an easy-going person and never takes matters personally. Her generosity also makes it easier for DAHANA to attract consumers.


As a leader in marketing DAHANA’s products and services, Muty is very happy and proud that DAHANA’s products and services are growing allowing DAHANA to penetrate into varied explosives markets. Moreover, currently DAHANA is building explosives factories which simply sound very promising.


Muty, who wishes that someday there will be a female representative on the board of directors, also said that DAHANA can enter a wider market such as the entertainment market by participating in production of fireworks.


“Yes, apart from that, especially in Oil and Gas, if the shaped charges factory has been built, DAHANA will become a manufacturing center in Asia, or at least in Southeast Asia,” concluded this alumnus of Institut Teknologi Bandung. (yz)