PT DAHANA (Persero) once again held a Fun Gathering event or commonly abbreviated as NGULIK. This time it was held at TAMAN CANDA. A fashion show and dance creations performed by children from three pre-schools around the company were performed. The three pre-schools are Al-Afif, Mekarsari, and Fajar Nur Hikmah.

The NGULIK Program is a program made by the Public Relations of PT DAHANA (Persero) in collaboration with HIMPAUDI (Association of Preschools), of Cibogo District. According to the Public Relations and Institutional Manager of PT DAHANA (Persero), Juli Jajuli, NGULIK is a routine program held by DAHANA to give early childhood children living who company to learn while playing at TAMAN CANDA which is owned by PT DAHANA (Persero).

“Every month we invite children to learn and play at TAMAN CANDA. In addition to playing, the event also serves as our way to introduce DAHANA to the surrounding community. At TAMAN CANDA, we have several facilities that can be enjoyed by the public. There is a playground for children, a reading park that provides a variety of reading books, and there a museum that exhibits the history of DAHANA’s journey from the start, ”explained Juli Jajuli.

Meanwhile Chairperson of HIMPAUDI of Cibogo District, Ida Royani thanked DAHANA for organizing the NGULIK program. “We, the early childhood educators, have been greatly helped by the DAHANA NGULIK program, because as they facilitate us to encourage children to play and learn outside the classroom,” she said.

Every month, the NGULIK program is made joyful with a variety of interesting activities for children, including coloring, singing, storytelling, dancing, quizzes, and traditional games. (rmt)


CSR 28.02.20 NGULIK DAHANA Ajang Unjuk Bakat Anak PAUDCSR 28.02.20 NGULIK DAHANA Ajang Unjuk Bakat Anak PAUD 4CSR 28.02.20 NGULIK DAHANA Ajang Unjuk Bakat Anak PAUD 3CSR 28.02.20 NGULIK DAHANA Ajang Unjuk Bakat Anak PAUD 2